Krishna Engineering is manufacturing company of ETO Sterlizer in Ahmedabad.  We manufacture ETO Sterilizer at best quality and reasonable price. Our company engaged in manufacturing of  ETO Strerilizer to Medical and Pharma Industries. Our manufactured products are made from the best quality of  raw materials and serves clients as per their requirements. We use latest technology to manufacture ETO Sterilizer. We offer ETO Sterilizer Gas, Ethylene oxide gas sterilizer and other medical equipments. Basically, we are manufacturer, supplier and  exporter of all types of  sterilizer machines. We focus that our best products reaches out to our valued customers. Our company changes their designs as per the market and advance technologies. Instead of  finished  product we provide ancillary equipments also.

  • Advantages :
  • Low temperature
  • High efficiency
  • Large sterilizing volume
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to use


  • Methods:

Sterilization is based on following methods,

  • Physical method includes Sun light, Heat sterilization, Radiation, Filtration, Ultrasonic and sonic vibrations.
  • Chemical method includes Liquid-(Hydrogen peroxide, Hypochlorite), Gases (Ethylene oxide)
  • Physical Method:
  1. Heat Sterilization: It is the most common method of sterilization. Heat method  has  two categories:  (1)  Wet/Steam sterilization:  It requires 121-1290 c temperature approximately.

                                     (2) Dry heat sterilization:  It requires 176-2320c  temperature approximately.

  1. Radiation: There are three forms of radiation  (1) Gamma radiation  (2)  Electron beam radiation (3) X – ray radiation.
  2. Filtration: It is used for heat sensitive media. Membrane filter  is most the commom type of filtration.
  • Chemical Method: Some chemical has narrow spectrum of activity wile some have very wide. Liquid sterilization is not as effective as gaseous .
  1. Hydrogen peroxide: This is a short sterilization cycle as compared to ethyelne oxide cycle.
  2. Hypochlorite: It is  also known as liqiod bleach , it is used for the  disinfection of workstation to clean other liquids.
  • Gaseous :  It is more a effective technique as it can pass through a tiny office and provide more effective results.
  1. Ethylene oxide:    It is a common gas used for chemical sterilization. It requires 30-600c temperature.