Continuous Steam Sterilizer

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Continues Steam Sterilizers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A continuous steam sterilizer is an essential piece of equipment used in a variety of sectors, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, to efficiently get rid of dangerous bacteria from tools, goods, or equipment. Sterilization is a crucial stage in assuring the safety and quality of goods and materials since it employs high-temperature steam to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Continuous steam sterilizers’ effectiveness and reliability are two of their main benefits. Continuous steam sterilizers can handle a continuous flow of products, unlike batch sterilizers, which sterilize objects in discrete batches.

This makes them perfect for high-volume manufacturing situations. In addition to saving time, this enables a more efficient and economical operation. To satisfy the unique requirements of diverse sectors, continuous steam sterilizers are available in a variety of designs and combinations. They could use rotating drums, conveyor belts, or other conveyance systems to move objects continually through the sterilization chamber. Furthermore, modern sterilizers frequently have exact controls and monitoring systems to make sure the sterilization procedure adheres to the necessary temperature and time guidelines, ensuring the total eradication of microorganisms.

They are an important instrument for preserving the integrity of the product and safeguarding public health because of their effectiveness, uniformity, and flexibility in high-volume manufacturing. Continuous steam sterilizers are anticipated to become increasingly more complex as technology develops, offering greater sterilization capabilities for a variety of applications.

E.T.O Gas Sterilizer


An ETO gas sterilizer, also known as an ethylene oxide sterilizer, is a specialized piece of equipment used for the sterilization of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other products that cannot be sterilized by traditional methods. The ETO gas sterilizer utilizes ethylene oxide gas to kill microorganisms on the surface of the product, making it safe for use in medical and other applications.

The ETO gas sterilizer typically consists of a sterilization chamber, gas supply system, and control system. The sterilization chamber is where the products to be sterilized are loaded. The gas supply system supplies the ethylene oxide gas to the chamber, and the control system controls the sterilization process, including the temperature, humidity, and gas concentration.

The sterilization process in an ETO gas sterilizer typically involves three main steps: pre-conditioning, sterilization, and aeration. During the pre-conditioning step, the chamber is first heated and humidified to prepare the products for sterilization. Next, the sterilization step involves the introduction of a mixture of ethylene oxide gas and other gases into the chamber. The ethylene oxide gas penetrates the packaging and kills any microorganisms present on the product. The length of the sterilization cycle depends on the type of product being sterilized.

After the sterilization cycle is complete, the aeration step involves the removal of the ethylene oxide gas from the chamber and the products. This is typically done by circulating fresh air or an inert gas, such as nitrogen, through the chamber to remove any residual ethylene oxide before the products can be safely handled and distributed.

ETO gas sterilizers are widely used in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other industries that require the sterilization of products. However, due to the potential health risks associated with the use of ethylene oxide gas, ETO gas sterilizers must be operated and maintained according to strict safety standards and regulations.

Ethylene oxide (ETO) gas is a highly effective sterilizing agent that is commonly used in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries to sterilize products that cannot be sterilized by traditional methods. ETO gas is able to penetrate a wide variety of materials, including plastics, rubbers, and metals, making it an ideal choice for the sterilization of complex medical devices and equipment.

However, ethylene oxide is also a highly toxic and potentially carcinogenic gas that can pose a significant risk to human health if not handled properly. Therefore, ETO gas sterilizers must be operated and maintained according to strict safety standards and regulations to minimize the risk of exposure to ethylene oxide.

Overall, ETO gas sterilizers are a highly effective tool for the sterilization of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other products. However, due to the potential health risks associated with the use of ethylene oxide gas, it is crucial that these sterilizers are operated and maintained in a safe and responsible manner.

Retort Machine

Our company Incorporated in the year 2000, named  Krishna Engineering is engaged in manufacturing and exporting a variety range of Sterilizers.  We also have expertise in offering drying and cooling system equipment to Industry. Our company engages in different categories of a product like Vessels MS & SS, Ribbon Blender, Tray Dryer, Vacuum Dryer, ETO Sterilizer, Steam Sterilizer, and many other types of dryers. Our company uses qualitative materials while manufacturing.

Retort Machine

Retorts sterilize food that is sealed in a container and using steam and other methods of heating. Retort sterilization provides an effective means of getting maximum shelf stability.

Retort Sterilizer is also called a Retort Machine, Industrial Retort Machine, or retort sterilizing machine.  Retort Sterilizer used in the production of Flavoured milk, Dairy industry, Ready to eat food, etc. Retort sterilizer, Can sterilizing machines, and pet bottle sterilizer.

Retort Sterilizer has a triple insulation wall. Retort Sterilizers have a temperature range between 121 to 134 degree Celsius. The retort Sterilizer Machine is made from Stainless steel and the material used for production is also stainless steel.  It has a full automation level of the process. It has a horizontal shape.

Our modern manufacturing unit is also vitally contributing to the fabrication of our process equipment.


The Full Form of ETO is Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer. It was First reported in 1859 by the French Chemist Charles-Adolphe Wurtz. It Kills Bacteria,Viruses. It is The Low Temperature Process. The Total Length of The Process can depend The Goods that are being sterilized, but Typical Cycles are between 36 to 48 Hours. Normally eto sterilizer is used in Gas forms, and mixed with other substance like Co2.It is an industrially Important Chemical. We are leading manufacturer of ETO STERILIZER.

There are Five Basic  Stages :

1) Preconditioning and Humidification

2) Gas Introduction

3) Exposure

4) Evacuation

5) Air washes

It is Widely used in Hospitals and The Medical Equipments to replace steam in sterilization of heat sensitive tool and equipments. It is Colorless gas at 25 ͘c and is a mobile Liquid at 0 ͘C .It is a relatively cold sterilization technique and offers high compatibility with most material used in the manufacture of medical devices, polymers, metals and glass. It is a safe and effective process. It  has also been shown to have low to moderate aquatic toxicity. It is  designed without any source of ignition inside the sterilizer chamber during the process. The sensors and medical components contacting the ETO gas inside the chamber are not an ignition service. Eto sterilizer is one of the most important raw materials used in large scale chemical production. It relies on the use of a flexible sterilization chamber and an ETO cartridge for small volume sterilization, and where environmental or probability considerations the use of low dose. It is extremely flammable, and its mixtures with air. It cleans tiny germ particles. Eto sterilizer  only electricity and there’s cycle flexibility with single dose. In general it is more complex than other methods as it does requires multiple steps in the process of effective use.


Choosing sterilization method is key critical for variety of reasons. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and what you are sterilizing becomes an important aspect to consider when making your selection. The machine with safety features that ensure safe operation of the load and the operator and the surrounding environment. It contains of a completely packed as often as possible double jacketed, consumption struggle and gas safe of fitting composite by large and mellow steel. It offers the finest method of medical device sterilization.ETO is absorbed by many materials. It is for medical and Pharmaceutical industry.

Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer

Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer for cylindrical-steam-sterilizer

Our company offers a cylindrical steam sterilizer. Our company’s qualified experts are manufacturing of all various types of cylindrical steam sterilizers. This steam sterilizer is used for industrial and research purposes. The cylindrical steam sterilizer’s external is made up of mild steel with enticing painting. The cylindrical autoclave is fulfilled EOT Sterilizer, Food Sterilizer, and safety valve.

Here we have also fulfilled the pressure control switch, our customers can avail of this Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer as per their specifications in different standard and customized sizes.

Features of cylindrical steam sterilizer:

  • The best level of quality materials with top-class finishing
  • Long-term reliability and process safety
  • Various variety of transport and loading trolleys, internal racks, trays, and containers customized solutions for individual needs

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of ETO Sterilizer in Ahmedabad, India. ETO Sterilization is a low-temperature process that utilizes Ethylene Oxide gas to reduce the degree of irresistible specialists. ETO Sterilizer is utilized in gas structure and is generally blended in with different substances, like CO2 or steam. Ethylene Oxide is an EPA-enlisted antimicrobial pesticide used to sanitize medical equipment and flavors. It is the main sterilization strategy accessible for some medical devices and approximately 50% of all sterile medical devices in the United States are treated with ETO every year.

ETO Sterilizer is utilized in medical care facilities to sterilize basic things that are moisture or hotness sensitive and can’t be sterilized by steam sterilization. Ethylene oxide Sterilizer is most ordinarily utilized in the development of different synthetics including the creation of solvents, liquid catalysts, cleansers, adhesives, polyurethane foam, and pharmaceuticals. Ethylene Oxide is much of the time used to sterilize materials that are generally too sensitive to even consider warming or radiation sterilization. Numerous plastics fall into this classification and ETO sterilization is as often as possible utilized for single utilize medical devices made of plastic.

Advantages of ETO are:

  • Low temperature
  • Chamber capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Noncorrosive

Ethylene oxide is a colorless, flammable gas. The ETO sterilization process has been created until arriving at an elevated degree of execution and productivity. Ethylene oxide Sterilizer is a flexible compound utilized in an assortment of modern applications and regular consumer products, personal care items, as well as textures, and materials. Ethylene oxide Sterilizer likewise is utilized to sterilize other healthcare products, for example, bandages and ointments, decreasing expected harm to the item that might happen from different methods of sterilization.

Pharma Steam Sterilizers

Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Pharma Steam Sterilizers in India

Pharma Steam Sterilizers

The Pharma steam sterilizer sequence is the organization of our company’s path. We give guarantees the chiefs performances admire to its participants & daily work with clients; engineering solutions, developing software & elements. These Pharmaceutical Steam sterilizers are the most flexible & best for all uses of sterilization in bio-pharma industries. From tough & absorptive to liquids in open packed containers. We are the leading of all sterilizers, Pressure steam sterilizer / high-Pressure steam sterilizers, pharmaceutical steam sterilizers, Pharma steam sterilizers are produced for Natural philosophy efficiency and powerful with an extraordinary finish to obtain GMP protocol.

Some Features of pharma steam sterilizers:

  • Easy to use
  • Accuracy in work
  • High level performance
  • Manufactured for Managing observance

ETO Sterilizer Supplier

ETO Sterilizer SupplierKrishna Engineering is a manufacturing company of ETO Sterilizer in Ahmedabad.  We manufacture ETO Sterilizer at the best quality and reasonable price. Our company is engaged in manufacturing ETO Sterilizer for Medical and Pharma Industries. Our manufactured products are made from the best quality of raw materials and serve clients as per their requirements. We use the latest technology to manufacture ETO Sterilizer. We are ETO Sterilizer Supplier. Basically, we are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of all types of sterilizer machines. We focus that our best products reach out to our valued customers. Our company changes their designs as per the market and advanced technologies. Instead of the finished products, we provide ancillary types of equipment also.


  • Low temperature
  • High efficiency
  • Large sterilizing volume
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to use

Sterilization is based on the following methods:

  • The physical method includes Sunlight, Heat sterilization, Radiation, Filtration, and Ultrasonic, and sonic vibrations.
  • The chemical method includes Liquid-(Hydrogen peroxide, Hypochlorite), Gases (Ethylene oxide)

Physical Method:

  1. Heat Sterilization: It is the most common method of sterilization. The heat method  has  two categories:

(1)  Wet/Steam sterilization:  It requires 121-1290 c temperature approximately.

(2) Dry heat sterilization:  It requires 176-2320c  temperature approximately.

  1. Radiation: There are three forms of radiation

(1) Gamma radiation

(2)  Electron beam radiation]

(3) X-ray radiation.

  1. Filtration: It is used for heat-sensitive media. The membrane filter is most the common type of filtration.
  • Chemical Method: Some chemical has a narrow spectrum of activity while some have a very wide. Liquid sterilization is not as effective as gaseous.
  1. Hydrogen peroxide: This is a short sterilization cycle as compared to the ethylene oxide cycle.
  2. Hypochlorite: It is also known as liquid bleach, it is used for the disinfection of workstations to clean other liquids.
  • Gaseous:  It is more an effective technique as it can pass through a tiny office and provide more effective results.
  1. Ethylene oxide:    It is a common gas used for chemical sterilization. It requires a 30-600c temperature.


ETO Sterilizers Exporter

ETO Sterilizers Exporter

We are famous as an ETO Sterilizers Exporter in India. We are manufacturing the best quality products with the use of qualified raw materials and the latest technologies. ETO is a colorless gas that is flammable and explosive. Four important parameters (functional limits): gas absorption (450 to 1200 mg / L); Temperature (37 to 63 C); Relative humidity (40 to 80%) (Water molecules carry ETO to reaction sites); And exposure time (1 to 6 hours). These affect the effectiveness of ETO sterilization.We are leading ETO Sterilizers Exporter in india.

Within certain limits, an increase in gas concentration and temperature may reduce the time required to achieve sterilization. The use of ETO arose when there were some alternative ways to sterilize medical devices sensitive to heat and humidity; However, favorable properties (Table 6) contribute to its continued widespread use. Large-capacity, tank-supplied sterilizers are available in two ETO gas compounds to replace ETO-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) compounds. The ETO-carbon dioxide (CO2) compound contains 8.5% ETO and 91.5% CO2.

This compound is less expensive than ETO-hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC), but one drawback is the need for rated pressure vessels for vapor sterilization because higher pressures (28-psi gauge) are required. The other compound that is a drop-in CFC alternative is ETO mixed with HDFC. HCFCs affect the Earth’s ozone layer about 50 times less than CFCs. The EPA will begin regulating HCFC in 2015 and cease production in 2030. Both companies offer ETO-HCFC compounds as an alternative to CFC-12; One compound contains 8.6% ETO and 91.4% HCFC, and the other contains 10% ETO and 90% HCFC.872. Compressed composite gas is 100% ETO as an alternative to ETO systems. 100% ETO sterilizers using unit-dose cartridges eliminate the need for outdoor tanks. We are Supplying this best quality product at the best price in the market.

ETO Sterilizer in India

ETO Sterilizer in India

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of ETO Sterilizer in India. Ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilizer is mainly used to sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products that do not support conventional high-temperature steam sterilization – such as the company’s electronic components, plastic packaging, or devices in plastic containers.Krishna Engineering is one of the leading manufacturer of ETO Sterilizer in India,The ETO commonly used for gas sterilization is mixed with liquids such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen in different ratios ranging from 10% ETO to 90% ETO. The supplied ETO sterilizer is inspected before delivering it to our customers to ensure its quality.

Furthermore, these ETO sterilizers are designed in our sophisticated manufacturing unit under the guidance of our trained experts using the best quality base material and leading technology. We offer these ETO sterilizers in  india to our customers at very affordable prices. The range of ethylene oxide sterilizers, also known as ETO sterilizers, is a product designed for operations that require low sterilization working temperatures. The machine is designed with strict security in mind during ETO delivery and use. This machine is a product of Krishna Engineering, which comes with an alternative sterilization solution for loads sensitive to high temperatures.

The machine is equipped with safety features that ensure the safe operation of the load and the operator and the surrounding environment. Innovative in design and reliable in performance this product meets the need of all modular CSSD systems in hospitals. Our design offers the main advantage of separating the risk area in order to reduce the probability of having a modular type and a potentially explosive atmosphere. Those programs are customizable because we offer a very flexible design modified to the client’s needs. Our chambers are ready to work in an all-in-one cycle or with preconditioning and decomposing cells. We propose all ancillary equipment for ready-made projects. We offer this best quality ETO sterilizer in  india at the best price in the market.

Features of ETO Sterilizer:

  • Made by SS 304 standard
  • Fully automatic PLC control + manual function
  • Alarm notification
  • Cycle failure detection
  • CE approved components
  • Thermal printer
  • Central locking system for further protection
  • Dual safety thermostat to control heaters
  • A gas evaporation system is provided to ensure gas sterility even at low temperatures
  • The gas detection system is provided as a safety measure for ETO gas in at least 3 locations to detect ETO leaks and set up an audiovisual alarm.

ETO Sterilizer Machine’s working process

Machine’s working processETO Sterilizer Machine’s working process

We Krishna engineering made the machines from high-grade Stainless steel and mild steel as per the requirement of the client the machine is made with the proper technology and machines are manufactured with standard manufacturing process with all the required precautions and inspection.  All the accessories which are required in ETO sterilizer are from standard companies like Crompton, Schneider, Mitsubishi, etc., all the machines are passed from a leak test and a pressure test and ensure the quality of welding and other joints.

ETO Sterilization

ETO Sterilization

Sterilization is the process of cleaning germs and important role in the process of manufacturing medical devices. Krishna engineering is a recognized brand well-known in the industrial market for offering high-quality ETO Sterilization that are made from high-grade stainless steel and mild steel as per the necessities of the customers using the latest technology machinery. ETO Sterilization means a Sterilizer of any medical devices with the help of ethylene oxide and the process that eliminates or kills any forms of microbes, including transmissible agents such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, etc. which are present on the surface of the medical devices that contains fluid in pharmaceutical preparation, or in a compound such as biological culture media.

Further, it takes immense pleasure to say that the accessories which are used in sterilizers are manufactured from the standard companies like Crompton, Schneider, Mitsubishi, etc. so that the machines are passed from leak test and a pressure test and make sure the quality of welding and other joints.

An industry where ETO Sterilizers are widely used:
o   All kinds of spices & herbs industries
o   Medical disposables manufacturing industries
o   Hospitals and biological waste department
o   Medical instruments manufacturing industries

ETO Sterilizer Machine

ETO Sterilizer MachineKrishna Engineering – Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of ETO Sterilizer in Ahmedabad. ETO Sterilizer Machine is widely used for sterilizing medical and pharmaceutical products which cannot hold up conventional high-temperature steam sterilization such as devices that incorporated electronic components, plastic packaging, or plastic containers. ETO (Ethylene Oxide) is the effective method used for sterilization of medical instruments. These machines are widely used in surgical disposables industries and food processing industries globally. The chamber in the ETO sterilizer machines is made of stainless steel so it is free from corrosion.

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturers

ETO Sterilizer ManufacturersWe are the best manufacturer and supplier of ETO Sterilizer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilizer is specifically used to sterilize clinical & Surgical and pharmaceutical products & Food and Spices Products, and Maize Starch Products. That can’t guide conventional excessive temperature steam sterilization – which includes gadgets that during business enterprise digital components, plastic packaging, or plastic containers. Normally the ETO used for gas sterilization is blended with diluents which include carbon dioxide in different proportions from 10 % ETO to 90 % ETO. The generally used gas awareness in the sterilizers is 450 to 1000 mg/lit of chamber volume (measured as natural ETO). Statewide bans on commercial ETO sterilization ought to bring about significant shortages of vital clinical gadgets and supplies, and sizable damage to patients.  More than fifty percent of all sterile clinical gadgets bought inside the United States are sterilized with ETO.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization

We have created a world-class ETO Sterilizer with more excellent utilization in Pharmaceutical Industry. Ethylene oxide or ETO Sterilizer is utilized in the sterilization of things that are warm and dampness delicate. ETO Sterilizer is all around characterized as Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer which uses ethylene oxide at a comparable time as a biocide to decimate microscopic organisms, infections, parasites, and other unwanted organisms.

E.T.O Sterilizer contains a completely packed chamber as often as possible double jacketed, consumption struggle and gas safe of fitting composite by and large of mellow steel. At Krishna Engineering, ETO Sterilizer will be in extraordinary structure utilizing plates of reasonable thickness which avoids buckling under vacuum because of thickness. Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilizer is for the most part used to sterilize clinical Surgical and pharmaceutical items &Food and Spices Products, and Maize Starch Products.

That can’t bolster customary high-temperature steam sanitization -, for example, devices that organization electronic parts, plastic bundling, or plastic holders. Regularly the ETO utilized for gas sterilization is blended in with diluents, for example, carbon dioxide in various extents from 10 % ETO to 90 % ETO. The regularly utilized gas fixation in the sterilizers is 450 to 1000 mg/lit of chamber volume (estimated as unadulterated ETO).

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer is used to sterilize hospital instruments. The Ethylene Oxide sterilization process ensures that a safe product is delivered every time. The time taken by the process is disparate as per the product which needs to be sterilized. Usually, the time taken lies between 36 to 48 hours while the exposed gas time is just 1 to 6 hours disparate as per the product to be sanitized.We are leading ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Almost all healthcare products that are sensitive to high temperature and moisture can sterilize by this process whereas the steam sterilization process will not work.

There are some advantages of ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer in ahmedabad like they operate at a low temperature, and enjoy high productivity, which has the power of destroying the bacterium. Which include the extremely resistant basidium, large sterilizing volume or chamber capacity, nontoxic to metal, rubber materials, and plastic.

Normally the ETO used for gas sterilization is mixed with thinner such as carbon dioxide in different dimensions from 10 % ETO to 90 % ETO. The commonly used gas concentration in the sterilizers is 450 to 1000 mg/lit of the chamber volume

The ETO sterilization process is actions into three main parts which are the

  • Pre-conditioning process
  • The sterilization process
  • The Aeration process.

What is the Pre-conditioning process?

This process allows the bacterium to grow under controlled temperature. In this process, the controlled temperature and humidity are provided such that the passive infectious agents, bacterium, and bacteria come into the active state.

What is the Sterilization process?

This is the major process in which the product is exposed to a sterilizing agent say ethylene oxide under a controlled temperature and humidity. The process can be used to sterilize multiple devices concurrently.

What is the Aeration process?

In this process, Ethylene oxide gas is removed. The batch loads under a controlled temperature and humidity to eliminate the extra ethylene oxide gas.

Application of ETO Sterilizers are:

  • ETO for hospital
  • ETO for laboratory
  • ETO for Food Industry
  • ETO for Medical Equipment
  • ETO for Textile

Pharmaceutical ETO Sterilizers

Pharmaceutical ETO SterilizersWe are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Pharmaceutical ETO Sterilizers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Ethylene Oxide handling is broadly utilized for the disinfection of human services gadgets and instruments. The procedure includes presenting items to ethylene oxide gas under a vacuum in a fixed chamber. EO sterilization guarantees that a sheltered and sterile item will be conveyed to the market every single time. Pharmaceutical organizations call for a clean arrangement of medications and therapeutic guides. However, not all substances can experience high temperatures or steam for sterilization. Our E.T.O Gas Sterilizer is adept for Pharmaceutical machines, devices, and gadgets for the readiness of clean and safe meds. Our top-notch ETO Sterilizer is praised for its vigor and unwavering quality in the market. Our sterilizers are regarded in the market attributable to their reasonable thickness that turns away the clasping under vacuum or swelling brought about by pressure.

Pharmaceutical ETO Sterilizers

Pharmaceutical ETO Sterilizers

Pharmaceutical Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilizers Manufacturing for Hospital & medical colleges, Laboratories, and blood banks. ETO method is used for medical equipment and pharmaceutical products that cannot support high-temperature steam sterilization materials that may be deteriorated by radiation sterilization.

Ethylene oxide (ETO) – Sterilization Process for Pharmaceutical

Ethylene Oxide has high penetrating power and passes through and sterilizes large packages of materials including plastics. it is liquid at temperatures below 10.8oC. Eto

ETO used for Gas sterilization is mixed with diluents such as nitrogen in different proportions from 10 % Ethylene Oxide to 90 % Ethylene Oxide to eliminate explosive tendency.

It is used for products that cannot withstand the heat of typical autoclave sterilization such as plastic. The physical parameters to be monitored are temperature and relative humidity.

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilizer cycles are run in chambers that are scaled to prevent the leak of ETO gases into the atmosphere. ETO process to perform a mapping of the chamber and monitor temperature and relative humidity to evaluate the performance of ETO sterilization. Both empty and loaded chambers are required.

ETO sterilization is:

  • Low temperature
  • destroys microorganisms including resistant spores
  • Large sterilizing volume capacity
  • plastic, metal, and rubber materials.

E.T.O Gas Sterilizer

E.T.O Gas Sterilizer

Krishna Engineering is the best top leading company for a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of ETO gas sterilizers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. ETO stands for Ethylene Oxide gas. ETO gas Sterilizer is majorly used for sterilizing medical and pharmaceutical products that cannot support conventional high-temperature steam sterilization – such as devices that are in company electronic components, plastic packaging, or plastic containers. Normally the ETO used for gas sterilization is mixed with diluents such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen in different proportions from 20% to 95%.

We are best in offering qualitative ethylene oxide gas sterilizers at very competitive prices to our most valuable customers. This ETO Gas Sterilizer is hugely demanded in medical industries and pharmaceutical industries. The offered ETO gas Sterilizer supplier is manufactured by our well-experienced team using excellent quality of raw materials and the latest techniques.

ETO Sterilizers

ETO SterilizersETO Sterilizers are the sterilization process in a particular area or section where all eliminates, removes, kills, or deactivates bacteria or other living microorganisms. Krishna Engineering is well famous for such kind of process system i.e. ETO Sterilizers in India. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of, ETO sterilization in Gujarat, India. We used Ethylene Oxide for sterilizers.

Our offered ETO sterilizers suppliers are fully equipped with preconditioning chambers and heating chambers designed with the latest technologies which made us the leader in the industrial market. We are also a manufacturer and supplier of E.T.O Gas Sterilizer, Horizontal High-Pressure Autoclave, Pharma Autoclave, Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer, and High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer with topmost quality and most affordable price rates. We provide our products all over Gujarat and as well as everywhere in India.

ETO Gas Sterilizer

ETO Gas Sterilizer

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of ETO Gas Sterilizer in India. These Ethylene Oxide Gas sterilizers are frequently utilized with the end goal of cleansing the enormous amounts of items that are unrealistic to be disinfected with the assistance of steam.

At the point when the cloth or non-woven materials like the dispensable gowning are being produced, they fundamentally should be sterilized before entering the hospital. These are as a rule frequently sterilized with the assistance of Ethylene Oxide gas to kill destructive germs and spores. ETO is a colorless gas that is combustible and touchy.

The four fundamental parameters (operational extents) are: gas fixation (450 to 1200 mg/l); temperature (37 to 63°C); relative dampness (40 to 80%)(water particles convey ETO to responsive locales); and introduction time (1 to 6 hours). These impact the viability of ETO sterilization.814, 857, 858 within specific restrictions, an expansion in gas fixation and temperature may abbreviate the time fundamental for accomplishing sterilization.

Horizontal High Pressure Autoclave

Horizontal High Pressure AutoclaveAs being top of the well manufactured ETO sterilizer supplier in India, we are also famous as the manufacturer of horizontal high-pressure autoclaves. Horizontal high pressure the inner chamber, steam jacket, outer chamber, and boiler are manufactured of heavy gauge stainless steel with leakage-free equipment.

Our offered horizontal autoclaves are generally utilized for day-to-day large-scale sterilization procedures and in various bulk laboratory applications, where the dryness of the sterilized medium is of paramount importance. For handling the ETO sterilization cycle, a three-way valve or a multiport valve/three-way valve which is produced of stainless steel is provided.

Our horizontal high-pressure autoclave is fabricated from the best quality of M. S. Plates of thickness which depends upon the capacity and clients’ requirements. In our medical autoclave unit, the external heating arrangement is provided which can be used both for steam and thermic fluid. Our offered product is highly durable, safe to use and quality tested.

ETO Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer
Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization is a compound procedure comprising four essential factors: gas concentration, humidity, temperature, and time. EO is an alkylation specialist that disturbs the DNA of microorganisms, which keeps them from replicating. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of ETO Sterilization. We are individually designed for low-temperature sterilization of moisture-sensitive equipment. We produce the ETO Sterilization with the use of qualified raw materials and also using the latest technological advances in the industry.

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization is mainly used to sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products that cannot support conventional high-temperature steam sterilization, for example, the gadgets that consolidate electronic parts, plastic bundling, or plastic holders. The security of a workforce is a significant issue because of the harmful impact of ETO on people. Polluted regions should be frightened utilizing gas locators set up in various areas to screen any break. The visual and the sound alert system should be given. The system must advise any administrator when a sterilization cell contains ETO. We provide the ETO Sterilization at a reasonable price.