Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer for cylindrical-steam-sterilizer

Our company offers a cylindrical steam sterilizer. Our company’s qualified experts are manufacturing of all various types of cylindrical steam sterilizers. This steam sterilizer is used for industrial and research purposes. The cylindrical steam sterilizer’s external is made up of mild steel with enticing painting. The cylindrical autoclave is fulfilled EOT Sterilizer, Food Sterilizer, and safety valve.

Here we have also fulfilled the pressure control switch, our customers can avail of this Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer as per their specifications in different standard and customized sizes.

Features of cylindrical steam sterilizer:

  • The best level of quality materials with top-class finishing
  • Long-term reliability and process safety
  • Various variety of transport and loading trolleys, internal racks, trays, and containers customized solutions for individual needs