The Full Form of ETO is Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer. It was First reported in 1859 by the French Chemist Charles-Adolphe Wurtz. It Kills Bacteria,Viruses. It is The Low Temperature Process. The Total Length of The Process can depend The Goods that are being sterilized, but Typical Cycles are between 36 to 48 Hours. Normally eto sterilizer is used in Gas forms, and mixed with other substance like Co2.It is an industrially Important Chemical. We are leading manufacturer of ETO STERILIZER.

There are Five Basic  Stages :

1) Preconditioning and Humidification

2) Gas Introduction

3) Exposure

4) Evacuation

5) Air washes

It is Widely used in Hospitals and The Medical Equipments to replace steam in sterilization of heat sensitive tool and equipments. It is Colorless gas at 25 ͘c and is a mobile Liquid at 0 ͘C .It is a relatively cold sterilization technique and offers high compatibility with most material used in the manufacture of medical devices, polymers, metals and glass. It is a safe and effective process. It  has also been shown to have low to moderate aquatic toxicity. It is  designed without any source of ignition inside the sterilizer chamber during the process. The sensors and medical components contacting the ETO gas inside the chamber are not an ignition service. Eto sterilizer is one of the most important raw materials used in large scale chemical production. It relies on the use of a flexible sterilization chamber and an ETO cartridge for small volume sterilization, and where environmental or probability considerations the use of low dose. It is extremely flammable, and its mixtures with air. It cleans tiny germ particles. Eto sterilizer  only electricity and there’s cycle flexibility with single dose. In general it is more complex than other methods as it does requires multiple steps in the process of effective use.


Choosing sterilization method is key critical for variety of reasons. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and what you are sterilizing becomes an important aspect to consider when making your selection. The machine with safety features that ensure safe operation of the load and the operator and the surrounding environment. It contains of a completely packed as often as possible double jacketed, consumption struggle and gas safe of fitting composite by large and mellow steel. It offers the finest method of medical device sterilization.ETO is absorbed by many materials. It is for medical and Pharmaceutical industry.

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