ETO Sterilizer
Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization is a compound procedure comprising four essential factors: gas concentration, humidity, temperature, and time. EO is an alkylation specialist that disturbs the DNA of microorganisms, which keeps them from replicating. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of ETO Sterilization. We are individually designed for low-temperature sterilization of moisture-sensitive equipment. We produce the ETO Sterilization with the use of qualified raw materials and also using the latest technological advances in the industry.

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization is mainly used to sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products that cannot support conventional high-temperature steam sterilization, for example, the gadgets that consolidate electronic parts, plastic bundling, or plastic holders. The security of a workforce is a significant issue because of the harmful impact of ETO on people. Polluted regions should be frightened utilizing gas locators set up in various areas to screen any break. The visual and the sound alert system should be given. The system must advise any administrator when a sterilization cell contains ETO. We provide the ETO Sterilization at a reasonable price.