ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer is used to sterilize hospital instruments. The Ethylene Oxide sterilization process ensures that a safe product is delivered every time. The time taken by the process disparate as per the product which needs to be sterilized. Usually, the time taken lies between 36 to 48 hours while the exposed gas time is just 1 to 6 hours disparate as per the product to be sanitized. Almost all healthcare products which are sensitive to high temperature and moisture can sterilize by this process where the steam sterilization process will not work.

There are some advantages of ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer like they operate at a low temperature, enjoys high productivity, which has the power of destroying the bacterium. Which include the extremely resistant basidium, large sterilizing volume or chamber capacity, nontoxic to metal, rubber materials and plastic .

Normally the ETO used for gas sterilization is mixed with thinner such as carbon dioxide in different dimensions from 10 % ETO to 90 % ETO. The commonly used gas concentration in the sterilizers is 450 to 1000 mg/lit of the chamber volume

The ETO sterilization process is actions into three main parts which are the

  • Pre-conditioning process
  • The sterilization process
  • The Aeration process.

What is Pre-conditioning process?

This process allows bacterium to grow under controlled temperature. In this process, the controlled temperature and humidity is provided such that the passive infectious agents, bacterium, and bacteria come into the active state.

What is Sterilization process?

This is the major process in which the product is exposed to a sterilizing agent say ethylene oxide under a controlled temperature and humidity. The process can be used to sterilize multiple devices concurrently.

What is Aeration process?

In this process, Ethylene oxide gas is removed. The batch loads under a controlled temperature and humidity to eliminate the extra of ethylene oxide gas.

Application of ETO Sterilizers are:

  • ETO for hospital
  • ETO for laboratory
  • ETO for Food Industry
  • ETO for Medical Equipment
  • ETO for Textile